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Old News

(12-13-00) There's been a surge of beef recently...a "beef front", if you will. It must be because of finals.

(12-11-00) Finals...looks like I'll have to halt the search for the thugs who took my spoiler.......for now. Rest assured, I will find you some day...

(12-07-00) AHHHHHH YEEEAAAAAHHHHH... We just drilled malloc. 77% efficiency...beat that, Jaimes.

(12-03-00) I hate comp. Maybe I should return to my true calling: being a bounty-hunter.

(10-30-00) Comp is the second biggest bunch of crock in the world.

(10-24-00) Econ is a bunch of crock.

(10-16-00) Crusade Fall Retreat was awesome. Caedmon's Call was awesome. Guns told me Jars of Clay was awesome. I think Metro will be awesome tomorrow. Pretty awesome.

(10-08-00) Hmm. I should be doing my comp assignment, but instead I decided to fix the javascript for the Theme Music. It's about time. Super Mario Bros. rocks!!!

(10-01-00) Tests tests tests. Homework. Projects. More homework. No time to update.

(9-25-00) Changed some stuff around.

(9-21-00) God is awesome. He's given me so much. Thanks God. I have awesome friends, too.

(9-16-00) More Beef. Also, check out the RLQ Page for workout hours. And I think is back, too!!! Whoops, that wasn't a complete sentence, was it? My bad. Hey, Final Fantasy 8 is only $20. Should I buy it? I don't think I can afford to waste 40 hours on videogames this semester.

(8-26-00) To all the freshmen: Welcome to Rice! You'll love it here. Except for the naked people running around and all the cussing, it's pretty cool. Everybody go to Campus Crusade meetings on Fridays, 7pm Sewall 301. Everybody should also join the RLQ Workout Crew. (Note: I've added a more comprehensive smoothie list and updated some of the questions for your enjoyment) Join Now!!! This means you Dale Lee, Jasper Yen, and yes, you too, freshmen.

(8-24-00) Questions: Where am I going to store my drumset during the school year? How is it going to fit in my car? Who does Number Two work for? The world may never know.

(8-23-00) California cool. Houston hot. Wisdom teeth extraction bad. School good and bad. In other news, my brother just bought a zip drive and a 12X CD-writer--watch out!!!

(8-9-00) Tomorrow's the last day of Psychology, gotta get my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, and we're headed for California next Tuesday. This has been a pretty good summer. I've updated the Ultimate Survey so it now has a few more questions and you can copy, paste, and forward it to all your friends after you submit it.

(8-7-00) Like Eric, I too have registered my very own domain name. is now open for business. That's Reuben Bulawin Uy. Yeah, I know it just directs you back to this page and the viewbar is annoying, but I'll change it later, I promise. And for no reason in particular, here's a picture of my car with screws and rubber where the spoiler should be.
News from the Beef Council-- Greetings to our newest members: The Choo, Joyce Lee, Shawn Kim, Darth Maul, and Steve Francis
The Old HTMLGear Guestbook still works apparently...only at random intervals. Sign the new guestbook, though, for goodness' sake if you haven't already.

(7-27-00) According to the polls about a fourth of you want to kill me. Even more disturbing is that almost half of the people who voted currently pee in swimming pools...PRETTY GROSS!!!!

(7-26-00) The bus-driver makes his And1 debut

(7-21-00) No more physics! My joy was so great that the only logical thing to do was go out and buy a drumset.
(7-14-00) An update on my summer. I'm taking Intro Psychology at UH in the morning so now I have to wake up at 6:30am everyday, and Physics is still going on. Pretty tough.

(6-1-00) Well, the website's finally undergone major revision...oh wait, I just added nicer-looking buttons, but oh, Sir Isaac Newton still thinks this website sucks.

(6-16-00) I found my really, REALLY old website from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and I thought you might like to see it. It has guitar chords, funny stuff I ripped off from the internet, and an interactive game. The website design sucks's a lot worse than this one. What's that you say? That's not possible? That's pretty mean of you to say, but see for yourself... Blanka's Mystery Vortex

One shining gem from my old website was the High-School Terrorist(tm) Interactive Create-Your-Own-Adventure Game. For your convenience, if you'd like to play it without suffering through my old website, the link's here.
the High School Terrorist Game.
(minimum system requirements: Pentium4 999 MhZ, GeForce2 GTS video card, Sound Blaster Live! Pro, 700 MB of HD Space, 256 MB of RAM, DSL or faster connection, 20" Flat-Screen Monitor, T-800 Computer Chip, Transforming Cassette player named "Shockwave")

(6-11-00) Check out the new Beef Files section of the beef page, yet another interactive innovation from the same zany people who brought you The RLQ Signup Form and The Ultimate Survey. (Note: The forms now use the fabled Rice CGI YAMFORMS!!! So if they didn't work before they should now)
Beef Files
I finally got the Darkwing Duck Theme Song (in German). You will listen to it NOW!!!! (Hey, does anybody have this song in Chinese?)
(6-9-00): Well, I've finally calmed down about the whole spoiler thing....wait, just thinking about it again gets me all riled up...ggrrrrrrr.....wait, peaceful thoughts.... peaceful thoughts...okay, I'm better now.

(5-30-00) I just started summer school at UH and right after summer school I have to drive through rush hour to Sugarland where I work at Smoothie King in the Q. I doubt I'll have much time to update my website, but hopefully I'll have time to find and kill the punks who stole my spoiler.
Click here for the latest news on Reuben's car! WARNING: SPOILERS INSIDE

(5-27-00): I went to Dulles and Kempner graduations at the "Arena Formerly Known as The Summit." They were both pretty good...except for the fact they were boring and SOME DULLES THUGS STOLE MY SPOILER. THEY JUST RIPPED IT RIGHT OUT...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE... I WANT MY SPOILER BACK YOU LITTLE...