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We're looking for a few good people who can do the laundry.

Actually, anyone is welcome to join the crew. All you need is a little determination and a lot of smoothies, preferrebly hulks. Just complete the form and send it in. You can't lose!...or can you?





Mother's Maiden Name:

Father's Maiden Name:

Favorite Smoothie:

Please check all that apply (multiple items may be chosen)
Please harass and solicit me
Give my email address to spammers who will constantly bombard my mailbox with junk mail until the end of time
I like to pee in swimming pools
I eat boogers
I do not eat boogers
I still wear diapers
I've had beef before.
I've had beef in the past three months
I've had beef with multiple people simultaneously in the past five days
I've farted in front of my roomate
I'm farting in front of my roomate right now
My eyes hurt from looking at your website
Kong's apartment is cool
I want to be a pirate
I want to be a fireman
I like to click buttons

Who's your favorite ninja turtle?
Splinter (He wasn't a turtle, but he taught them to be ninja teens, remember?
Casey Jones (hahaha...CASEY JONES RULES!!!!)
Hey, remember when Vanilla Ice rapped in TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooz? That sucked.
The Neutrinos (yeah, they weren't turtles but they sure were rad, eh?)

Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?
I'm peeing in a pool right now
No, but I pee in the shower
I pee in the shower AND in the pool
I even pee when taking bubble-baths
What? You mean you don't?

Have you taken any anabolic steroids or any performance-enhancing drugs in the past three months (not counting smoothies, of course)?
Just call me Captain Anabolic
Just call me Sergant Steroid
My mommy told me to say 'no' to drugs

What's your current GPA?

How many monkeys do you own?

Who's your favorite member of the RLQCrew?

Put something that appeals to you in the box below .