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This page is a tribute to everybody's favorite Trash Talkin' T-Shirt company. If you like this type of thing then boy have I got a surprise for you... I have exclusive, unbelievable, never seen before, rejected T-shirt ideas from And1.
According to the chairman of And1 Sports Apparel: "There comes a point where you have to ask--will anyone's feelings be hurt when people put on our shirts?"

Well, here are some examples of some ACTUAL And1 T-Shirts...

This one says: "If you had my game you'd still have your girl"

For those who can't read... this says: "My game and your mom...they're both PHAT."

My game's tighter than your mom's wig

Alright, now that you have a good idea of what to expect from are some designs that were deemed "rude", "inappropriate", and "tactless".

And lastly, some And 1 T-shirts straight from China...

You want a piece of me? Who's your daddy?

If you would like to submit your own And1 T-Shirt Ideas please send your trash talk to me.

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