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I be a recent compsci graduate from Rice University but we comp majors don't do english very good so we use plenty 'o run-on sentences and the like 'cause I no good at english which be retarded but that's okay because who need english any who? I still no good at english even after four years at Rice... maybe it's because i no take no academ classes.

My Ultimate Survey:

Full name: Sir Reuben Preston Bulawin Uy Esquire III

Nicknames: Reubs, Reub, Reuby, Rub, Rubs, Boob, Boobs, Roobz-Boobz, Boobin, Rooby-dooby, Rooby-dooby-doo, Magneto, Cedric, Bulawin, Boolawin, Bunch of Boolawin, Uz, Jimmy, Armando

Hometown: Houston, TX

Hobbies: badminton, basketball, tennis, ping pong, videogames, computers, anime, guitar, drums, making fun of Stat and CAAM, making creepy epilepsy-inducing websites, taking people to the airport, picking people up from the airport

How many monkeys do you own?: none

Do u drink: no, but I've loitered outside of Spec's before

Have you ever gone skinny dipping: gross, I can't believe you asked that

Do u make fun of people: no way, you bed-wetting doody head

Have You ever been convicted of a crime?: i don't think so

Best online friend: google

One pillow or two?: Sixteen

Pets: A half-wolf, half-chow. I think she's blind because she doesn't recognize me and keeps barking at me until i'm about three feet away from her.
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Favorite Music: Christian, JPop, KPop, CPop, PPop

Do you watch MTV?: Only when I want to see how messed up the world is

Dream Car: 1991 2-door Honda Accord with a spoiler

Type of Car u drive now: A spoilerless honda accord (Thanks alot Dulles thugs)

Words or phrases you overuse: What??? Mmmmmmm. Shoot, man shoot. Pretty embarassing, I can't believe you think I overuse some phrases, you jive turkey

Credit Card: Stop sending me credit cards!!!

Toothpaste: What's a toothpaste? 

Favorite Food: mint chocolate chip ice cream

Favorite Smoothie: THE HULK (From Smoothie King)

hULk sMaSH!!!
Favorite Hairstyle: Uneven sideburns

Piercing or tattoos?: no way, have you seen where those needles have been? Oh wait here's one.

How do you characterize yourself? (hopeless romantic or not at all): hopeless

Do you get along with your parents?: did I ask you questions about your momma?

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip!! 

Favorite Drink: water, shui, mizu, wa-wa

What's your bed time?: 2am these days...

Adidas, Nike or Reebok: I have no idea what you're talking about

Birthday: 9/21/80

How often do you use the bathroom: That's disgusting...who made up this survey??

Favorite Song at the moment: Give Me One Reason by ZOE Girl

Most Loved Subject in school: CAAM.... psyche!!  just checking to see if you were paying attention

Least Loved Subject: Unnecessary Surgery 280 and 482, or anything with STAT or CAAM

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Milk (oh wait, that's not usually alcoholic)

Favorite Sport to watch: soccer with three teams and three goals

Most humiliating moment: After using the bathroom (#1) at shepherd I thought Eric was standing next to me and I asked him, "Why is there a wet spot on my pants?" but it wasn't Eric..It was someone else..pretty embarassing..oh wait, that was Sean, not me.

Loudest person u know: Martel fire alarms...oh wait, that's not a person..

Craziest person or silliest u know: You so crazy

BackStreet Boys or N'Sync: What? You think I'm some sort of fruit or something?

Scheme, Java, C, or C++?: To answer that would mean I cared.

Do you pee in the swimming pool?: No, No, NO!!!!!  Stop the madness!!!

Have you ever peed in the shower?: You're all just a bunch of freaks!!!

Would you rather have someone pee in your face or poo on your chest?: Hmmm, let me think... no

If you could have as many arms as you wanted, how many arms would you have?: Two left arms

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?: the who?

What's the Point of This Survey?: i forget