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Japan Mission Trip: Summer 2001 Page 2

Join us or die!!!

I don't really remember this, but it looks pretty cool, eh? Click here for actual picture

apple restaurant

This was taken right before our "mini-concert" in Apple Restaurant. We couldn't think of a name for our band so they just called us "Those Dorks from America."

why can't america be more like japan??!!

We went to Obanezawa to hike up the mountain. Here, we're resting and taking a picture with Kristy, our translator/missionary. She helped us get stuff done.


Eric's pretty happy about something. Maybe he touched a fish.

i miss the grapes

Here are some nice japanese people we met. On the bottom row are Tomoe, Koshiro's Mom, Kenshiro, and Koshiro

where'd my guns go?

There was no where to work out, so we just did what we could.

everyone in japan gives the peace sign

It's a bunch of kids from english camp! Aren't they the cutest?? Well, aren't they?!!!

Another one of those 'silly' pictures

It's our team along with another Japanese team from Yamagata.

Mr and Mrs Aoki

Joyce, Eric, Mrs. Aoki, Mr. Aoki, and Grace. The Aoki's were kind enough to let us use their shower and feed us constantly during the mission trip.

what's krause doing?

I don't know what's happening here, but this is a funny picture of Krause and Pastor Ito's wife, Ryoko.


Joyce, Grace, and Eric are getting ready to leave Japan.

I only made $10 that day

When I got back, I started working at Smoothie King again. This isn't a really good picture, but it looks like I'm "trying out" some of the ingredients. Either that or I'm puking into the fruit containers. hahaa, j/k rob...


Here, I'm "borrowing" something from the power bar cabinets...haha, j/k rob, i put it back, really, please don't kill me...

I only made $10 that day

Eric and Grace came to visit me at Smoothie King while I was working. When they got there all the power went out and the building had to be evacuated. Pretty bad first impression.


This is what I did when I found out what what my brother did to my car while I was in Japan

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