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Do I even need to explain?

I have beef with the following people (in no particular order).

  • #1: Spoiler-Stealing Thugs from Dulles High School. Yeah, you heard me, punks--I STILL WANT MY SPOILER BACK!!!!!!! >=(
  • #2: the supposed "security" people at the compaq center parking areas
  • Racists
  • smokers in pool halls
  • Nelson "I vanished off of the face of the earth" Sin
  • Joel "My parents don't know where he gets his money from" Uy
  • The Houston "We lost a huge lead to the Buffalo Bills" Oilers
  • Juvenile delinquents
  • Squirrels
    Curse you, squirrels!
  • Patrick "B-Word" Dorriety
  • James "Too Smart for his own Good" Hsia
  • Chad "Ching Ching Baddabing" Hernandez
  • John "Harassment" Chao
  • Justin "Got Hitched" Baeder
  • Steve "I'll Kill You" Francis
  • Jar Jar "I ruined Episode I" Binks
  • the devil
  • The Houston Rockets and anyone involved in their organization, except Sleepy Floyd and Matt Bullard
  • Gilbert "Needs a New Nickname" Wang
  • Sean "Check out what I did to my car" Kim
  • Catherine "Housechurch" Lee
  • Patrick "I'm Amy's Brother" Yang
  • Jeremy "Guns" Banas
  • David "Don't make me get physical" Kong
    The Kong Mobile
  • Eric "Lord of the Rings Bunch of Crock" Lindsay
  • Ryan "I could snap you like a twig" Quock
  • cracks in the ground
  • Sharp projectiles (especially those with parabolic trajectories)
  • Olen "White Lightning" Rambow
  • Jacob "Worked at Express" Gavia
  • Right handed people
  • Westbury Christian "We Don't Offer AP Classes" School
  • Brian "I stole your wallet while you were showering" Anderson (see FAQ)
  • The Q Managers who turn down FinKL music
  • Cows (beef with beef? How profound...)
  • UH parking attendants
  • drunk drivers who crash into stationary vehicles

  • Note: The persons mentioned above represent fictional characters and are not in reference to any actual persons, living or deceased.

    Aah, they're everywhere!