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Finally, some new pics...

yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Wow, how did this get in here? it's a shady Rondelet picture of Sean, Me, and Catherine doing the MJ!!! Yeah!!!

....out of my way!!!!...

This isn't from camp, but it's John and Ric, AKA Keyboard and Drums at Eric and Felice's wedding. John is famous for making and producing GUNS' CD. I think Ric's about to do the MJ!! Yeah!!!

i'm wearing the bandana

I learned a lot about taking pictures at Camp 2001...Rule #1, don't take pictures from really far away. This is our "Last Supper" skit.


Rule #2, don't take pictures in a poorly-lit room with a cheap one-time-use camera

why it so dark?

Rule #3, see Rules #1 and #2. This is the awesome praise team, by the way. From left to right they are: Steven Wang, Alan Hsu, Gene Paik, Joseph from Baylor, John Parker, Jason the djimbe man (not pictured, but he's behind John), and Theresa Fong.

This is after we chased down whoever stole my camera, pushed him to the ground then surrounded him.  It was a group bonding experience.

Finally, a decent picture from camp...This is my small group from the Small Group Leaders Training Session(tm)