Pics from Senior Year

mmmmm, avocado
Thugz at Star Sno

   let's go breakdancing
Thugs at celebration station for Hway-Seen's birthday. 

  ...and if you'll look to your right you'll see
a bunch of aZiAn thugs
Thugs at the Riverwalk in San Antonio

  mmm, mint chocolate chip...
Thugs in an ice cream store in San Antonio.

what do you think about the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ?!!
Thugs at a Michael W. Smith / Third Day Concert.


Thugs at Esperanza.

  drink your milk
Stay in School!!!

Phat Azian Thugz at Wiess.


Dragon Thugs

taken after beating up thugs from Dulles Highschool
Thugs at the Grand Canyon

Thugs at Rondelet '03

 we are family

Family Group Thugs...picture taken after we beat up some Dulles Thugs who tried to steal my brother's spoiler.


This is possibly the funniest picture I've ever seen. It's my dog, Jade, being deathly afraid of Merry Chee
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