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RLQCrew has become a bunch of fops

Don't mess with us

What will happen to the RLQCrew now that Ryan Quock has graduated? Well, we'll probably do what most groups of thugs do when their leader mysteriously vanishes...disband and hide in the wilderness until our leader returns...never mind...fortunately, a new generation of ballers has risen to the challenge of being hardcore and working out. The goal: to become HUGE.

Isn't this the same picture?

WORKOUT SCHEDULE: Unfortunately most of us have become sissies and have stopped working out regularly. The hardcore people still work out at autrey or jones after work. We do try to get in games of basketball mostly on Friday or Sunday afternoons and random games of tennis.

ang sarap sarap!!



Victor Chang

steve so spider sense tingling!



Elisa Chen


TZU...oh wait this is sean


Robert Hwang: straight from OK

Vitamin D good!!!

Hulk Drink Milk!!!!

shoot man

This is Kongzi--bub.

Who does Number 2 work for?

Eric Lindsay: the surfer

The Apocalypse is now

Ryan Quock sez: "Fear me, mortals!"

Ragin' Cajun

James Hsia, the voodoo man.

I can cling to walls easily

MCB...he's one cool dude

We are Venom

Gilbert Wang...random picture

okay, this isn't really sean.  sorry kids.

What can I say? It's Sean, the asian sensation...

Magic School Bus?

Lenny...the busdriver

ooh ahh!