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Pics from Freshman Year (1999-2000)

We eat two's complement for breakfast

A picture from the '99-'00 Campanile. This was taken after we beat up some Dulles High School thugs at Slick Willy's.

House church in da house

A picture from housechurch during summer 2000.

I can't think of any more spoiler jokes...

A sweet-looking car in the Rice stadium during Owl Weekend '99. This was before the jacking...


What my car looked like before some little retards came and jacked my spoiler. I'LL FIND YOU PUNKS...GOD AS MY WITNESS I'LL FIND YOU AND THE ONES YOU LOVE THE MOST.

Take that!

A savage beating during our freshman retreat. I forget why it occured... It was probably something very beefy. Click here for alternate universe

Pop Quiz, hotshot.

Here Jasper sees a bomb and later disarms it.


Group picture at freshman retreat '99.


In yet another act of brilliance, a picture is taken of the photographers from INSIDE the group picture at fall retreat '99.

I feel the presence of the hardcore mobile even now.

A rare picture from inside David Kong's car--the hardcore mobile.

We gotta RAP, just to make it today

National Day of RAPPING... here you can barely see Rice students gathering to rap in the sallyport.

Candy good

A friendly game of poker after the large group.


In this picture, my full house wins a jack-load of M&M's and other miscellaneous candy.

mmmm, smoothie....

Now THIS is the cup of a carpenter...