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Here are the pre-rice days... (in no particular order)

The Band

It's the CYF Band (In order from left to right: Reuben, Jeremy, John, Joan, Amy, and Mike). This was taken in California at Vietnamese Summer camp.


Here our drummer Mike bravely takes on the most feared arm-wreslter at summer camp.


A nice picture of me, Rosa (John the keyboarder's girlfriend), and Mike...except I'm flashing some sort of gang sign for some reason.

Reuben Samwich

Look, a Reuben Samwich. Get it? Two Sams and one Reuben in the middle?? Hahahahahahahah.... ha, ha... ha......ha..........ahem...never mind.

Up On the Mountain

In a clever twist, I take a picture from the perspective of the photographee. Hahaha, now the photographers have become the photographees and now who's laughing? eh? eh?

Inside the Mushroom...

Here's a weird picture of Ryan, Joel, and some guy taken from inside the big water mushroom at Splashtown.


Me and Sleepy Floyd, ex-Houston Rocket. We saw him at Denny's and the rest is history.

Gee-Tar and Bohn-Go

At a church retreat, Jerome and I practice for praise and worship.

Mmmm, coconut...

A stereotypical picture of me drinking coconut juice in the Philippines with my cousins Karen and Boyet.

Tee hee hee

Ate Gift plays on the keys while I hit stuff with drumsticks. Ah, the good 'ol First Philippine Baptist Church Drumset(tm). I don't care what anybody says, it's still a nice set. Okay, not really.

This is black black dog, here boy...that's a good boy.........OUCH, LET GO OF MY LEG!!!!!   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Duke, the fearsome labrador retreiver also known simply as "black dog." He is sorely missed.

Don't make her angry

It's Jade, the terrifying half-wolf half-chow hybrid, bred specifically for the purpose of ripping through human flesh.


What if I had long hair and a beard and set my computer on fire where I used to work? I think it would look something like this...

Four!!!  I mean, Fore!!!  shoot, which one is it???

In the Philippines playing golf... notice the bad form...hey, this was before I took Bearden's Recreational Activities class so leave me alone.