An Interview With Sam and Max, Freelance Police and the Stars of SAM AND MAX HIT THE ROAD by LUCASARTS

I met Sam and Max at a coffee shop near their Brooklyn-based headquarters. Sam ordered a double-sized jelly donut, hot chocalate and a bendy straw; the straw was for the donut. Max had a bowl of cold cereal and two hard boiled eggs, which he mouthed-juggled, then swallowed whole. I had no appetite.

How did you two form the Freelance Police?

Max: It was easy once we filed the monolithic heap o'documents with the local government. They didn't even notice that in the paper work I claimed to be a nine-foot hamster and referred to myself as The Scatman.

Sam: Do you know that anybody can walk into a store and buy a real police badge? It really comes in handy when you want to enter the homes of people you don't know.

What's the toughest case you've ever cracked?

Max: You mean besides the exciting saga that takes place in SAM AND MAX HIT THE ROAD, the hilarious new animated adventure from...

Sam: Shut up, Max. Anyway, I guess the toughest case we cracked was the time I lost the car keys and we went as far as to have Max's stomach pumped before I realized they fell down behind the radiator. Next.

What special skills do each of you bring to the job?

Sam: Well, I have the ability to drive a car, enjoy a home cooked meal and get lost in a good book simultaniously.

Max: I can open a can of tuna fish with my own face. It's really something to see. I was on Star Search!

Sam: No, you weren't!

What's the strangest place a case has taken you?

Max: Ancient Egypt; the Moon; Beaver Creek; Ohio; the locker room of professional wrestling.

How does it feel to have your own computer game?

Max: It hurts! Ow! I'm being digitized! Yoww!

Sam: It's fine, except they keep making my nose too big. Oops, gotta go! Somewhere there are criminals to be humiliated!

Max: We fight evil because--we care. Hey keep in touch!

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