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All your base are belong to the Philippines
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bullard is HUGE
Can't Stop Bull


The Beef Files
Rice Classes Reviewed by Reuben Uy
The Unofficial Rice Dumping Guide
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High School Terrorist Game


(7-6-02) From now on, all new news will be handled by the blog.

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Actually, I'm hardly ever on ICQ because no one uses ICQ anymore.


A lot of you are probably wondering: "You're a comp major, why does your website is sucky?" All I have to say is--first of all, that sentence doesn't make any sense, and second, just because I'm a comp major doesn't necessarily mean I'm good at making webpages, now does it? =(
I think this is some of the really, really bad HTML that my comp320 prof was talking about. I've been learning a lot of javascript and stuff for work-related purposes so maybe I can use some of that for this website if i have time...or not.