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This page is under construction =)

but you can click here to go to my other inferior page

Heh Heh, yeah right.
That's what they all say...

5.21.02 New Update!!!!

In case anyone is wondering, my current number in the student directory is wrong.
It's actually 911-555-5555.
Also, my e-mail address is

OK, that's all for probably the next year or so.

Here's some picture we had taken last semester : This picture was taken after we beat up some thugs from Dulles High School

As of 5.21.02, I am a senior at Rice majoring in Computer Science.
I think that's about it.

So a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I finished writing this funky program in Comp314 where we make function trees that draw pictures and then can breed ones we like together. Here's the webpage we put our results on:
Pretty Pictures
btw, If you want to read about alligators and voodoo, go to Jimes' Page

This is G working on Comp360

This is me working on Comp421