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Retreat Pics

A good friend once asked me, "Why do churches retreat all the time? Why don't they ever advance?" The best defense is a good offense they say. But then they also say that drinking pee strengthens your immune system. People do lots of crazy eat at Arby's.

up, up, and away!

When there's nothing to do in the middle of the night, you throw rocks into the ocean...what else can I say?

can you feel the love tonight?

I don't remember what happened here

do not try this at home, kids

We like to live dangerously.

we will rock you

Talagang WOWSERS!!

check out rick in the background

Here's Faith, Pastor D's daughter, teaching me how to count

This is our youth pastor, Rick. As you can see he's quite a character.

A clip from our skit (WMV format, 300Kb)
I'm not going to bother explaining what's going on. If you really want to know just email me.

fobs in austin

Random pic of fobs in austin