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New Website Feedback Form

(I hope you enjoy filling these forms out as much as I enjoy making them)



Check all that apply:
Please learn how to design webpages
I am colorblind so I didn't notice any changes
What is this abomination of nature??!! What have you done??? Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!
I have peed in a swimming pool before
I am appalled and disgusted by your website...yet I cannot look away.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate this website?

1: Crime against humanity
2: Felony against humanity
3: You negligent monster
4: Stop the madness
5: You are insane
6: You're crazy, but in a good way
7: Pretty good
8: Pretty awesome
9: Best thing since toasted bread
10: Best thing since deodorant

Which part of the website is your favorite?

Which part of the website do you abhor?

Put your comments and sarcastic remarks here: