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Can't Stop Bull

On Thursday, May 10, at Jillian's, the Matt Bullard Fanclub had a banquet in honor of none other than Matt Maloney, er, I mean Matt Bullard. There were buffalo wings, chips, Matt, obsessed Bullard fans, games, and more! It was awesome!!!

ouch, mister!

This is Matt signing an autograph for a very excited kid.

Most people don't know that Matt can freestyle like no other white man can.

Here, Chris is interviewing Matt in front of a videocamera.

it's the man, Matt

Ryan and I actually sat behind Matt Bullard!!!

it's Matt Bullard's back!!

...then we traded seats.

mmm, buffalo wings...

The Bull is one of the funniest NBA players I've met

After about 30 minutes, Matt finally turned around and we were able to take a picture with him.

Right on!

"Get your Bulls up!", as Matt would say.

I am a midget

Matt Bullard is HUGE.

get your bulls up!!

It's Matt accepting his Man of the Year award


Matt was gracious enough to allow me to get a picture of his championship ring


This is a shady pic of Matt and my brother.

Take notes, boys and girls, this is how you shoot a basketball.

I saved the best for last! Here's Matt doing what he does best: shooting a spherical object into a round hoop with pinpoint accuracy. He destroyed all opposition by an average of about 20-30 points each time. He shows no mercy.