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What goes into making a great Xanga entry? Now, for the first time in the history of the universe, VH1™, teams up together with Bored at Work Productions™ to bring you this exclusive look at long, painful, extensive process that goes into each and every xanga entry created by the xanga master himself, Reuben Bulawin Uy.


7:05am: Reuben arrives at his cubicle, puts on headphones, and stares off into space for about an hour

8:14am: Reuben gets a funny idea for a Xanga entry and sticks a finger up his nose.

8:37am: Reuben writes out his ideas on his PDA...from the privacy of a bathroom stall.

9:02am: Reuben is either yawning or saying "UH-OH!!!" because he just soiled himself.

9:11am - 4:52pm: No Comment


5:48pm: Reuben arrives at home after a hard day's work, and types out his Xanga entry on his computer. He drinks milk too. Milk helps us play.

Reuben carefully reviews the xanga entry, re-reading and revising it over and over until every word is perfect and the optimal amount of humor is jampacked into the post. Then Reuben either posts the final draft to the web or he gets angry at himself and commits seppuku.