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The Beef Sheet

School Hometown / Place of origin
Major(s)                                                                        Interests, hobbies

let's forget school and play puzzle fighter
Lenny Chow
St. Thomas Sugarland, TX
Econ, Pre-med                                                                        Puzzle Fighter, Busdriving

let's forget school and play puzzle fighter
Tim Park
Trinity Spring, TX
Unknown                                                                        Driving, raquetball, rooming with Krause

let's forget school and play puzzle fighter
Michael Jordan
North Carolina Chicago, IL
Basketball                                                                        Busdriving, Selling my soul to the devil in order to receive unbelievable basketball skill

Joyce Lee
Memorial HS, Northwestern Houston, TX
Film                                                                        Dong

2101 A.D. What you say!!
Great Justice                                                                        Taking off every 'zig'

one million dollars......
Hastings Alief, TX
Evil Economics                                                                        Being evil, because I'm sean's lesser-known evil twin brother

where'd catherine lee go?
Rice Vietnam
Bus Driving                                                                        Hanging out at Rice, rapping, speaking english, long walks on the beach...

Bellaire HS Cats' Base
Making all your base belong to us                                                              Setting up someone the bomb

Hastings HS Atlanta, GA
What happen!!                                                                        Taking off every 'zig', Making my time

i eat frogs
Westbury HS Bowlan Lane
Frisby-Catching                                                                        Biting Sean Kim

where is he?
Phil Phung
Puzzle Fighter HS California
Being Master of the Universe (is that a major???)                                                     Schooling everyone in Puzzle Fighter

the shady sensation
Sean Kim
Hastings Alief, TX
Econ, Mana, Psyc                                                                        girls, working out, talking about chest hair

Gilbert is Mr. Assembly
Gilbert Wang
Some highschool in DC D.C., USA
Comp Sci, Econ                                                                        Making assemblers, begging the code fairies to fix our assembler

no one's computer is safe
Jake Mundt
Some Dallas highschool Dallas, TX
Computer Science                                                                        Hacking, turning Symmonds2 into a lan party

tetris master
Andrew Fuqua
Some highschool in Tombal Tombal, TX
CompSci                                                                        Hunting, dropping furniture from the balcony of Sid Rich

left...I mean, right
Jonathan CHUNG
Bellaire HS, UT Bellaire, TX
Electrical Engineering                                                                        working out like crazy, AIM, visiting girls in Houston

rake my chest
David Kong
Hardcore HS Mission, TX
Econ, Secret of Mana, Sociology                                                                        Hugging teddy bears, smelling flowers, being tickled

i wanna weave a basket
Steve So
Hastings Alief, TX
Electrical Engineering,Basket-Weaving                                                                        Counter-Strike, Wolfenstein 2, Diablo 2, Chip and Dale's MMORPG

Chad: He's studied beef for a long time.  He gives us beef from the hispanic perspective.
Chad Hernandez
Rice, UNT(?) New Mexico

school is back in session
Steve Francis
Clements HS Sugarland, TX
Taking you out (not on a date)                                                                        Basketball, basketball, basketball

where'd my guns go?
Ryan Lee Quock
Some dental school in houston Lake Jackson, TX
Dentistry, Biology                                                                        crushing walnuts between my pecks, stomping on shadiness

I'll kill you...after I kill JarJar
Darth Maul
Home-schooled Sith
Sith Studies                                                                        Hunting Jedi and their loved-ones, badminton

By the Power of GreySkull!!!
School for the Performing and Visual He-Mans Greyskull
Being Master of the Universe (I guess it is a major...)                                                                        vanquishing skeletor, statistics

Jonathan Krause
Bellaire HS, Trinity Bellaire, TX
Business, Chinese                                                                        AIMing, sleeping, eating, doing laundry in Japan and Taiwan

stat sucks
Reuben Uy
Westbury Christian HS Houston, TX
Computer Science                                                                        beef, dropping evil classes, doing laundry

ore no katchi da!!
Eric Lindsay
Bellaire HS Bellaire, TX, Japan
Econ, Mana, Poli Sci                                                                        meeting Jaapanese people, playing gameboy

comp360 sucks
James Hsia
Baton Rouge HS Baton Rouge, LA
Computer Science, Econ                                                                        mastering every videogame and sport known to man

White Lightning
Olen Rambow
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Houston, TX
Physics                                                                        Mastering Physics, drumming, being quick and white

hee hee
Catherine Lee
Memorial HS, Rice Houston, TX
English                                                                        Aceing orgo, making $$$ in NY

Ken's School of Operator Precedence Houston, TX
Computer Science                                                      Getting signal, main screen turning on

Grace Tsuei
Katy/Taylor, University of Texas Katy, TX
Pre-medicine                                                                        cars, cars, cars

Jar Jar Binks
School of Annoyance and Stupidity Naboo
Irritating                                                                        being dumb and stupid and irritating

Matt Bullard
Shoot, I should know this Houston, TX
Sports Nutrition                                                                        Taking out the trash,pulling an atlas

Interpolate this
MIT, which explains everything Land of magical interpolation
Computer Graphics                                                                        Making life miserable for Computer Graphics students

CAAM will be back
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Midvale School for the Gifted Austria
CAAM                                                                        Giving out impossible assigments that don't make any sense

listen to this...
Rice, CMU Hanszen
Computer Science                                                                        Singing, Helping out Ash and the gang, forcing others to make Assemblers