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Beef Stories from Real People

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Greetings to the newest Beef Council(tm) members: Daniel Wang 2

The Beef Council (Scroll Down to See The Whole Council)

The following lucky people have been selected to be on Beef Council. Their job is to determine the beefiness of the following stories. Without their consent, I will post their fake verdicts after each story.

Lenny: Insert bus-driving joke here. Joyce: Northwestern has the juiciest beef. the new face of hardcore long walks on the beach... HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN!! that's a good bosno!!Can you smell what the Fung's cooking? Sean: the 'Asian Dancing Sensation'  Gilbert:  Master of the Assembler The Mundt: hacker extraordinaire Andrew: AKA Fuqua, fukoid, or farque. right...David: In my apartment are many rooms.  If it were not so I wouldn't have told you. R00b: Wishes he were at UT so he could play counterstrike all day True MC Francis: Prepare to die. Quock: the epitome of unshadiness...or IS HE????  It is a good day to die...for you, I mean.By the Power of GreySkull!!! Krause: Wo hui shuo muy bien zhongwen. Steve: COMP SUCKS Eric: living it up James: ragin cajun White LightningCatherine: Watch out world UT Girl  MEESA SUCKS!! I'll get you, OJ CAN'T STOP BULL wanna be like me??getting jiggly wit' it it's timpI'll be back ^_^

If you would like to be added to the beef council, please email an embarassing photo to me.