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Congratulations Rice Owls!!!

You've truly been an inspiration to us all, showing everyone that you can be a nerd and still be cool at the same time.

These pics were taken from the Parade downtown celebrating the victories of the Rice Owls and the Houston Aeros.


Here's a picture of the baseball team on a firetruck


Here's an old man in a golf cart (you can only imagine how fun this parade was)


Here's a giant golf ball..i mean baseball




Ok, now it gets a little more interesting... Annie and I were able to sneak past security and take this awesome photo of the backs of several baseball players..awesome!!



Wow, i got a picture with Enrique Cruz!!  I attempted to look as stupid as possible in this picture and it looks like I succeeded.


It must've been my lucky day -- not only did I see the son, but the father as well-- it's Jose Cruz (AKA -- THE MAN) being interviewed on TV!!!


Here're some pictures of other random people


And what was a very nostalgic moment for me, I witnessed the Rice Shuttles doing what they do best: clump together and cause massive traffic